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Except for the Home Page, the contests website is password protected.  In order to use the website, it is first necessary to register as a user on the site.


Creating a User Account on the Contests Website:


The first action is to register as a user. You can select Options | Register from the menu. Alternatively, if click on either Chorus or Quartet Registration buttons on the home screen and you will be taken to login. From here you can click on the “Register” link which gives the screen below:



Note that you pick the username and password. However, your surname, BH Membership ID and the email address registered with your BH membership must all match. For both BHA and BHNZ members, the BH Membership ID is the BHA or BHNZ Member ID and these are available from the respective websites.


Usernames cannot contain spaces.  Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least one upper case letter , one lower case letter and a digit.  The system has a limit on password length but any reasonable number of characters more than eight should be acceptable.


Complete the captcha – it is not case sensitive.  Click on the submit button.


You will go to a screen that tells you that you have been sent an email to allow you to complete the user account registration process.  Click on the link in the email to do so.


Once the account is established, go to the login screen and do so.


Non BHA/BHNZ Members


For non BHA/BHNZ members (including both invitational ensemble members and BHS members outside Australia or New Zealand), the BH Member ID will have been generated by the contests system and you will need to email the contest administrator and ask them for it. You will need to register using the email address in your BHA or BHNZ member records or for others, as provided to the contest administrator.


For BHS members competing at a PanPac, chorus and quartet membership can often be determined automatically from delegate registration for the Pan Pac convention.  If not, it will be necessary to email the Contest Administrator with the appropriate details.  For a chorus, only the name of the chorus and the name and email address for person wanting to register the chorus is required.  For a quartet, the name of the quartet,  the names of the singers  (but not singing parts) and the email address of the person wanting to register the quartet will need to have been provided.








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