Download for BH Organiser module


Prior to installing the BH Organiser suite, you will need to install some pre-requisites;


1.    SQL Server Express 2016 -

After you run the initial download, you will be given the options of "Basic", "Custom" and "Download Full package". After the restart, you will need to run the "SQL Server Installation Centre". From here, you will need to click "Installation" in the left hand column followed by "New SQL Server stand-alone installation ..." and then "Install SQL Server Management Tools". Select Windows authentication and the "Default instance" during installation.

(For Windows 7, it may be easier with Ver 2014 -


2.    Visual Basic Power Tools:

Visual Basic Power Tools

3.    Microsoft Office tools - at the present time, install the 32 bit version on both 32 bit and 64 bit computers:

Either: Microsoft Office Interop Assembly 32 bit version or

or: Microsoft Office Interop Assembly 64 bit version or

4.    If you have previously installed the BH Oganiser suite, go to Control Panel or Settings and uninstall the present version.

5.    BHOrganiser (including BHOrganiser, BHAdmin, BHSetup, BHScoreTester, BHNationalQuals and BHDBUpdate)

6.    For new installation, run BHSetup first.  For an existing installation, seek instructions on whether to run BHDBUpdate or simply start afresh and run BHSetup again.

Note that you may have to disable a security program such as Norton as it will have no security information on the BH Organiser suite



If you need help, get the Team Viewer remote desktop: and call!!.

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