instructions for Quartet Entry

The first action is to register as a user on the website - see instructions for this elsewhere.  Once registered, login and go to the home screen:  

Note that the person selected to register a quartet MUST be a current financial member of the BHA or BHNZ, MUST be a member of the quartet and the quartet MUST be currently registered with BHA or BHNZ as the case may be.

To register a quartet, click on the Quartet Registration button.  You will first be asked to confirm your email address and mobile phone number.  The email address should be (but does not need to be) the same as in the BHA or BHNZ database (or for internatoinal delegates, the email address you used to register for convention).  If the email addresses are NOT the same, you may have difficulty if you lose your username and need to recover it.  .


The mobile (or cellphone) number should be one available at convention as the Contest Administrator may send text messages about your contest entry.

You can update the email address or mobile number and click Update.  If they are (now) correct, click on Continue and you will come to a screen showing any contest groups for which registration is possible.  The Pan Pac 2017 contest, for example, is considered a "contest group" as it comprises both a Chorus and a Quartet competition and within each of these might be Open Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Open Quartet, Senior Quartet and Youth Quartet competitions, etc..

Click on the Select button which will highlight the contest and show you the names of any quartets in which you are recorded as a member.


Click on the Select button for the Contest Group in which you want to register the quartet.  Doing so will add give the name of the quartet or quartets in which you are registered as a member.

You will get a warning if you are not known to be a member of a quartet or if only quartets that have qualified are accepted for entry.


You will note that checkboxes indicate the categories of the quartet as recorded with BHA or BHNZ. In this case, the members of DQ have aged and they are now a senior quartet (although the tick doesn't show in this particular screen shot). Click on the Select button in the row with the quartet you wish to register.

Note that contests are grouped together if they take place together, eg in the example above, the open, senior, youth and mixed quartet competitions are run together have been styled “All Quartets Competition”. There will be an opportunity for the specific contests to be selected a little later.

If there were, for example, a separate Youth competition, this would be listed separately with its own “Select” button. In this case, a youth quartet wanting to enter both the open and the youth competitions would be required to register separately for each.

Click on the contest (or group of contests) for which you wish to register the group and you will move onto the following screen which will show the contests for which your quartet can be registered:

After selecting the contests, you will be taken to a screen where you need to confirm the members of the quartet.

First and foremost the screen allows you to check the quartet membership as registered with BHA or BHNZ. For international quartets, either the Contest Administrator will have established the members of the quartet or you will need to do it.

For some contests, such as National Conventions or Pan Pacific Convention, all members of the quartet must have registered for the convention and be in the list of delegates. If this is the case, the screen will indicate if the members of the quartet are registered or not. If any are not yet registered, you will not be able to get beyond this point in the registration process until they are confirmed as delegates. The matching of delegates and members is not perfect as some people get their BH member ID wrong or do not have it, they misspell their surname or they use a different email address from that in their membership when registering for convention. The delegate list is only updated weekly so a recent registraion might also not be recorded. If you believe a quartet member is registered for a convention but their registration is not shown, email the Contest Administrator giving the name of the quartet, the name of the delegate and their registration number from the convention website.

If the quartet list is incorrect, the primary action must be to correct the registration with BHA, BHNZ or for international quartets with the Contest Administrator. However, for the sake of registering for the contest, you may find a member in the box on the right, click on the “Select” button and then click on the appropriate “Assign” button in the top left box.   There may be a short lag after clicking the Select button.  Wait until the selected member turns green before clicking on Assign against their part

You can make finding the member easier by entering a partial surname, partial firstname or BH member ID in the box above the list of Quartet members and then clicking on “Search”.

If the members of the quartet as shown in the box on the left are correct, simply click on Next.

You can now select the specific contest(s) for which you want to register the quartet. The list of contests offered is dependent on the registration of a quartet with BHA or BHNZ and, for those contests where qualification is required, the contests for which the quartet has qualified.

You will note that in this example, Open, Senior, Youth and Mixed Quartets were mentioned in the earlier screen where "All Quartets Compeition" was selected.  The list has now been reduced to only the Open and Senior Quartet Contest as DQ is registered as an Open and Senior Quartet (but not in the other two categories). (Note the rapid ageing of the members for the sake of an example).  Click on the Register/DeRegister button to register or de-register the quartet from the competitions that have been offered. In this example, they have decided to enter only the Senior competition.

You should also tick the check boxes for requesting an evaluation or a video entry as required.  (Note that video entries are not accepted for all contests even though the website might offer thiis option).

An invitation quartet might be offered both a two song or a three song invitation. If a youth quartet competition is being offered as a part of a quartet competition, both Open and Youth should be offered If the right contests are not being offered, your quartet may not be correctly registered with the BHA or BHNZ.

If you consider your quartet should have been offered a competition but it is not shown on the screen, it is likely the quartet is not registered correctly with BHA.  So the first action is to check the BHA or BHNZ registration.  Continue with the registration but contact the Contest Adminstrator and plead the case for entry in the missing competition - the Contest Administrator has the ability to override the BHA or BHNZ registration.

When the options have been selected, click on “Next” to progress to the Song Selection Screen.  There are two ways in which songs may be entered.  The first way is to use the song list in the system:

Find the song in the list of songs on the right of the screen.  You may enter a partial song name in the search box above the list of songs and then clicking Search.  In this case, "Send Roses" has been entered in the search box and the song list now shows all the songs in the list with the words "Send Roses" somewhere in the name.  Click on Select against the particular "Send Roses" song you want (although in this case there is only one).  Wait for the line to turn green, then click on the assign button against one of the songs in your song list on the top right of the screen.

If the song you wish to sing is not in the song list, you can enter the name directly in the box at the bottom left of the screen.  Then click on Assign against the quartet song list.

In this example, the song "I'll Down in My Own Tears" has been entered in the direct entry box.  Clicking the Assign button in the blank line in the Quartet Song List (Song List for the Competition) would put this as Song 2.

Note that if DQ had been entering both the Open and the Senior Quartet competitions, the system would have asked for the name of four songs to cater for the Open competition which has two rounds.

Click on “Next” to complete the Registration.

Please read the fine print on this screen! You may preview your entry by clicking on “Open Entry Form” or “Open Song List”.  The members of the quartet are listed on the entry form itself).

You may also type in a note to the Contest Administrator (as has been done in this example). Having done so, click on Save Notes to do so. The note will be included in the email sent to both you and the Contest Administrator. Reference to the note will also be included on the entry form.

When you are happy with the entry, click on the “Submit” button. This will email the entry forms to the Contest Administrator(s) with a copy of the email going to you.

NOTE – the Contest Administrator will have copies of the entry forms available at the registration desk when you report for the contest. You will need to sign the forms at this point. There is no requirement to post the forms before contest.

You may also note that prior to submitting the entry, you may halt the process and come back to it. However, once one person has started the registration process, another person cannot take it over (without emailing the Contest Administrator and asking them to allow it).

After a registration has been completed, you can review it by clicking on “Modify or Review Registrations” on the menu bar. You can only modify the song list for a quartet. To change the contests in which the quartet is registered, you will need to contact the Contest Administrator.

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